Blue, Purple and Silver Foil Nails

Hey Everyone,

So for today’s post i will be featuring more foil nails! I planned to do something festive for thanksgiving but it did not work out as well as i hoped. So this is why i decided to feature more foil nails.  So first i painted my nails with Rimmel’s Lasting Pro Finish in Black Satin. I usually paint my nails black when doing all different colour foils but you can also do other colours as well.

Then for the foil i used three different foils to do today’s nails. If you want to see the other foil nails like this one you can check out Pink and Purple foils and Rainbow Foils.

If you want to know how to do these nails just check out the youtube video i did for the Pink and Purple foils 

These are the foils that i used:2013-10-12 23.59.05

Blue, Purple and Silver Foil nails

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So for today’s Nail design i decide on Silver, purple and blue  foil. To put the foil on you just dab dots of clear nail polish on where you would like to put the foil onto your nails. You want to leave the clear nail polish to dry a for a bit because you want it to be tacky so the foil will stick. There is also special foil glue that you can use. I ordered so off ebay so we will see what it is like when it gets here.

One thing i noticed is that when you put a top coat over foil nails the nail polish changes the look of the foil and you lose the different prints. Which is unfortunate, it still looks cool but it’s just different than the original foil. So i looked up what you can do to prevent this and it looks like you have to get water based nail polish. Apparently, water based nail polish does not eat away at the foil like other nail polishes do. So i will look into that.

Well that’s all for today. I hope that you all liked today’s nail design. As well I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! :)