Nimbus Nails

Hey friends,

So i have a new nail design for you today. This is actually a nail design that the Nailasaurus did. These are called Nimbus Nails. I thought i would try it out because it looked really cool. So what you need for this design is the nail polish colours you have chosen and either acetone or nail polish remover that has acetone in it. I used the nail polish that has acetone in it.

First, i painted my nails with Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure  Ivory Skull. Then after that was dry i added the colours. The colours i used in order were Color Club Jade, Wet n Wild Megalast Disturbia, Wet n Wild Megalast On a trip, Love & Beauty by:forever 21 Purple,  and Sally Hansen Xxtreme wear Wet Cement. 

So what you do for this is you take a plastic sheet or plastic bag or even aluminum foil. Then put a drop of your first colour on the sheet and then add a free drops of acetone to it so its thinner and more transparent. Once you think it is almost water like take a q-tip and first test it on the sheet and then dab it on your nail. You want it to the liquid to be pretty clear to create this affect. Then dab it on your nail as much as you like and then do this for all of the other colours. Then once you after finished just add a top coat and you are all done!




Hope you liked today nail design! Have a wonderful day!