Through the grape lace vine foil nails

Hey friends,

So i originally wanted to do this post yesterday but of course my internet decides to stop working and i could not get it fixed until today. But at least it is fixed!

So for today’s nail design i will be featuring more of my awesome foils i got in the mail from ebay. Some other foil nails that i did this week are Pink and purple foils and Rainbow Foils if you want to check them out!

First, i painted my nails with Covergirl’s Outlast Stay Brilliant in Grapevine. I did two coats of this polish because it was kind of thin and needed a second coat.

Then for the foil’s i have this lace looking foil that i got in my collection and thought it would look pretty nice with this colour.

Through the grape lace vine Foil Nailsgrape vine lace grape vine lacegrape vine lace

So i have learned a few things about doing foil nails from this design. If you are covering the full nail with foil it helps to having something to press the foil down with other than your fingers. So i used a orange stick as they would call them to press down the foils onto your nail.  It is almost like when you were a child and you had those press on tattoos that didn’t require water. You just used a stick to press them on. That’s what it reminded me of. I will make a video for my next post on how to do this properly.

Here’s a picture of an Orange stick if you do not know what it is. I just used the flat side to press/scratch the foil onto my nails.

orange stick

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Have a great weekend! :)