#31DC2013 Day 24: Inspired by a Book.. Rainbow Fish!

Hey Friends,

So i am pretty excited about today’s challenge inspired by a book. I chose i book that i loved when i was a kid Rainbow Fish! I use to love this book and thought it would like sick as a nail design. Plus it gave me a chance to try the new foils i just bought! :) As you can tell i am pretty stoked today’s 31 Day Challenge. So enough of me rambling and on to the nails! :)

rainbow fish book

Okay, so there are a few steps to this nail design.So first i painted my nails with China Glaze – New Day. Then i dabbed on foil that looks like the scales on Rainbow Fish. Next i used a dotting tool to put on the other colours of the scale. For this i used Love & Beauty  By forever 21 – Aqua, Sally Hansen’s Xtreme wear- Pacific Blue, Wet n Wild- On a Trip and Orly- La Viva Loca.  Then after that was dry i used a tooth pick to put on Revlon- Silver Dollar just to outline the scales. Then last i just finished it off with Sally Hansen’s Diamonds – Glass Slipper.Then just add a top coat and your all done!

#31 Day Challenge : Inspired by a book.. Rainbow Fish

#31DC2013 Book


#31DC2013 Book


#31DC2013 Book


Well i Hope you liked my Rainbow Fish Nails! It is kind of difficult to see the foil in this pictures. I tried by best. But there should be a tutorial up soon. So i will let you all know when it’s up and you can check it out and create your own rainbow fish nails if you would like.  Check back tomorrow for day 25 of the 31 Day Challenge. So close to the end i can’t believe it. Well i hope you all have a great night!