#31DC2013 Day 23: inspired by a Movie..Gatsby

Hello Friends,

So today’s 31 day challenge is inspired by a movie. I thought I would go with a movie that recent came out. I chose The Great Gatsby, this one would have worked for inspired by a book too but i already have an idea for that. :)

the great gatsby

So for this design I painted all of my nails with Essence Colour & Go in black. Then I used my sharpie in gold to draw on the designs. At first I was going to do designs on all of them but I then decided to do an accent nail using gold glitter that I got from the dollar store.

#31DC2013 Day 23 : Gatsby

#31DC2013 :Gastby


#31DC2013 Gatsby

Well I hope you Liked my interpretation of The Great Gastby!Check back tomorrow for day 24 of the 31 day challenge Inspired by a book! Have a wonderful day!