#31DC2013 Day 25: Inspired by.. Fashion

Hey Friends,

So today’s challenge is inspired by fashion. At first i wasn’t really sure what to do. If i wanted to pick something from my our closet or something else. So i went on Pinterest and there are fashion week boards so that was the perfect place for me to find my Inspiration.

So i picked this¬†Brilliant A-line Sweetheart Sweep Train Chiffon Lace Dress. It’s very pretty!


Okay, So onto the nails so first i painted my nails with Rimmel’s Lasting Pro in Wild Orchid. Then i cut out pieces of white lace that i had. But i wanted them to be a light purple like the dress so i painted them with Revlon’s Charming Polish and then added Iridescent glitter to the polish. Then i put the lace on my nails.Next, i painted on top of the lace with Sally Hansen’s Diamonds Glass Slipper. Then just add a top coat and you are all done.

#31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Fashion

inspired by fashion 2013


inspired by fashion 2013


Inspired by fashion 2013


I Really like lace nails. But the only down side is they don’t always last that long because they get caught on stuff. But they look pretty for the time being! I hope you liked my ¬†Inspired by Fashion nails.Check back tomorrow for Pattern nails. I hope you all have a wonderful Evening!