Purple Foils

Hey Friends,

So i have a new nail design for you today featuring more foils. I really love the look of foils. When ever i do foil nails they seem to always turn out really great!

Anyways, so first off i painted my nails with Wet n Wild’s On a trip just one coat. Then after that was dry I used my nail glue to put on the foils. I used two different foils for this first i used a Silver star one and then i used my foil that had a mixed of Turquoise, purple, Green and Pink. I only used the Turquoise , green and purple stripes to do this mani.I was going for a certain look and it turned out exactly how i wanted it.

2013-12-29 22.36.13

2013-12-29 22.38.52

2013-12-29 22.37.06

Well, I hope you liked today’s Nail design! Have a wonderful day!