O.P.I Gold Lace

Hey Friends,

So today i am doing a review of the O.P.I Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Gold Lace.

I have tried O.P.I nail stickers before and i find they are one of the better nail  Stickers out there. The O.P.I stickers are usually a little more pricey than the other ones but i was lucky enough to find these at the dollar store surprisingly.

Here are what the stickers look like in the package



Some tips for making the nail stickers last. I make sure there is no left over nail polish on my nail. As i usually buff my nails before i put the stickers on. To put the nail stickers on i pick the one that fits my nail best. For these ones i wasn’t sure at first to how to put them on my nails. Because they have gold on both sides of the nail tips. I kinda like that you got to pick how you put the nail stickers on.

Another tip is if you want the nail stickers to stick longer make sure your hands are warm or i sometimes blow dry my nails after i put them on for a minute or two. It helps to make them stick longer. After i have applied the nail stickers i usually do two coats of clear nail polish over topic. My nail stickers usually last for about 5-7 days.

2013-11-30 02.02.10


2013-11-30 02.01.48


2013-11-30 02.01.56


I really like these nail sticker. I love the gold and black together. Well i hope this post was helpful. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!