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First nail art Haul from the Bornprettystore

So today’s post is going to be a little different. I thought i would share some of the of the items i bought from the bornprettystore a few weeks ago. I am really happy with the things i got from the bornprettystore like i usually am. They have alot of great stuff on their website and not just nail art stuff. So if you do decide to check it don’t forget to use my 10% off code ALLEX31 .

SO on to the new nail art products i received :) So first we will start off with what i got from the seckill deals. If you don’t know what the seckill deals are is basically the bornprettystore does these crazy sales that you can get up to 3 different items at a set time during the day for 1 cent each! The usually do two times during the day and you can get those certain items for 1 cent. I love when these deals happen because who doesn’t love buying something for 1 cent!

SO the first thing i got was Water decals 10 different sheets  i’m pretty excited about these i love water decals and i got a lot of them for very cheap. They are normally 9.99 which still isn’t to bad you would get each sheet for about 1.00



Next i got L009 stamping plate which i have used already to do my distressed nails . I liked this stamping plate it is a rectangle and has lots of different stamps on it. BP L009



Last thing i got from the seckill deals was a 200pc punk metal Square Star Drop Mix Stud Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration w/box. It has all different stud that you can put on your nails from square to stars to circles to diamonds. I really like this set and i am excited to use it.

So that’s the last of what i got for the seckill deals next is some other stuff i picked up at the bornprettystore :)


Next i got some nail stencil vinyls. I have been wanting to try out vinyls for a while so i thought why not pick these ones up!  got nail vinyls  Ns 08 I accidentally got the wrong ones but i still really like this design and i am excited to try them out!

Next, i got a new stamper since i have seemed to miss placed mine i have the scraper but not the stamper so i got a new one! I really like this rectangle stamper because it is bigger and is easier to stamp with i find . There are two colors for this stamper i got the stamper in green!

Next, i got the White Peel Off Liquid Tape & Peel Off Base Coat Nail Art Liquid Palisade. I really like this liquid palisade so far i have seen alot of different ones but i found them quite expensive i got this one for 3.99 and it is a pretty big bottle so i am pretty happy with this purchase


Check out my 1st nail haul video on youtube to see all these products :) also give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and subscribe to see more videos

Thanks for watching!


I hope you liked this post and check out the too :)