# 31 Day Challenge: Day 2 Orange Nails

So i have decided to do a double post for today Considering i am a little behind in the 31 day Challenge and want to catch up to everyone.

So DAY TWO is orange Nails!

Okay, so considering this is my second post of the day i am going to make it short!

For this nail design i used color club in orange. Again this one has no label on it either so i can’t tell you what it is called unforunately. I bought a pack of 6 color club nail polishes and none of them have labels on them and i am not sure why. Oh well, not much i can do. I then finished the nails off with some glitter! I just used glitter that i bought at the dollar store which is like a bronze/orange colour. Alright so there you have it Day 2 completed!

#31DC2013 Orange nails

I hope you liked my nail designs. Check back for day three of the 31 Day Challenge!