Helllooo Again,

Third post of the day! Don’t you just love triple posts! Next on the 31 Day Challenge we have blue nails. This one was pretty easy considering i paint my nails blue quite a bit.

Day Five: Blue Nails

#31DC2013 Blue nails

Okay so for this one i first painted my little finger and my middle finger as and my thumb with Rimmel’s 60 seconds colour in Mintilicious. I absolutely love this colour, I searched everywhere for the right colour mint and this is one of the better ones that i have found. Anyways then for my ring finger i painted it Essence Nude glam.Then for leopard print i used Nicole by OPI – The next CEO for the dots and then hand drew the leopard print with Essence colour & go in black. For my index finger i first painted it with Rimmel’s french white tip pro and then hard drew the zebra print with Essence colour & go in black. I usually either use my dotting tool or a small paint brush to draw the designs. Then i topped all of my nails off with Sally Hansen’s Diamond strengh in Glass Slipper. Okay so there are my Partly Blue Nails haha. So now i am all caught up in the 31 Day Challenge!

Check Back tomorrow for Violet Nails! I will try to post earlier in the day! These late night postings are getting a little much. Hope you liked my Blue nails!