Nail polish Canada holiday nail contest is back!

Hey Everyone,

Allie here, I know it’s been a while since I have posted on my blog! I think it has been over a year! Crazy, I apologize for this but I have been very active on my YouTube channel Alliesblog!

Regardless, I am here now. Today I am sharing my nail Design that I am enteringĀ  in the nail polish Canada holiday nail art contest. As you May recall if you have been following my nail art journey for a while this will be my third time doing this contest. I actually won the first time I entered which I was both shocked and amazed by! Anyways I am entering again because it is a lot of fun to challenge myself and see what I can do for this contest.


So this year, I will be entering a hand-painted unicorn! That’s right unicorns can be Christmasy or holidayish šŸ˜Ā to be fair this unicorn is wrapped up in Christmas lights!


Here is it!

I thought it turned out really cute. For now, it will just be pictures and I will be uploading a youtube tutorial on these nails. Unfortunately, I deleted my video :( so I will re-record these! The YouTube tutorial will be up tomorrow!


So I really hope you like my nail design and will vote for me in nail polish Canada holiday nail art contest! I would really appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by!


Ps. I will try to write more on here but in the meantime check out my YouTube Channel!


Xoxo Allie