Youtube Nail art tutorial #manicuremonday, nail art for beginners , nail art haul catch ups

So I have been lacking on the posts on here! I apologize for that sometimes it get a little hard to find the time to write up a post.  But I haven’t been completely absent. I have been posting my weekly youtube videos on Mondays and Thursdays.  So I thought I would do a catch up post so you can see the YouTube videos in case you have not seen them yet.  I will try my best to keep my blog more updated this year. But I have been pretty good with sticking to my Monday and Thursday video schedule. So of there is no post on here there will still be a video!

So here is what you missed!

3rd nail art haul


Foil stamping for new years eve nails – #manicuremonday


Nail art for beginners Thursday- How to use striping tape for nail designs


4th Nail art haul – finger paints, avon, sally hansen and more for #manicuremonday

5th Nail art Haul – Nail polish canada holiday nail art contest


I will be continuing to post every monday for #manicure monday and every thursday for nail art for beginners. I hope you enjoyed these nail art videos!:)