Honour nails you love for 31 day challenge | Halloween nail art challenge

So today is going to be a two manicure’s in one kind deal. Today is the last day of the 31 day challenge 2015 but it is also the first day of the Halloween nail art challenge that i have decided to join in. I know another challenge I can’t believe it myself either haha but i think it could be fun and i like a lot of the prompts for this challenge. So before i get into the Halloween part of the challenge I will finish up with the 31 day challenge.

So the prompt for the last day of the 31 day challenge is honour nails you love <3 so i thought since i am needing to do two manicures for today i am going to combined them in one. I know i should really do two but I kinda did!

So i went with cling wrap nails for honour nails you love. I do really like cling wrap nails firstly, because they are easy to do and second they always turn out really cool! I can’t believe that the 31 day challenge is over! It went by very fast, normally i would take some time off from blogging after doing a challenge but not this year i will be jumping right into another 31 day challenge. I must be crazy!

So here are my honour nails you love for the 31 day challenge day 31! #31DC2015

PicMonkey Collage.jpgLIST

I really love how these turned out considering i used turquoise, white and purple polishes for this design they look very blue!

Alright so now on to the 2015 Halloween nail art challenge. For this challenge all the prompts are Halloween related. I don’t really know to much about this challenge i found it through a friend on instagram. SO if you decide to join in this challenge use the hashtag #BOOtifulnails so that way you can share you nail designs with everyone else :) I feel like this challenge maybe be a bit easier than the 31 day challenge when looking at the prompts but we will see!

So the prompt for today is some Halloween stamping luckily i have my bundle monster stamping plate i got sent from nail polish Canada!

halloween nail art challenge

So I even did a youtube tutorial on how to do these nails. Check it out and subscribe to my challenge to see up coming designs in the 2015 Halloween nail art challenge :)

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