Blue Fan Brush Nails

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Hello Beauties,

SO i am back i am sorry for the long absence! I have been really busy with school and i haven’t had much time for blogging unfortunately :(. But i am back now and i have a lot of stuff i would like to do on my nail art blog. I plan to start making more youtube nail art tutorials. I am currently working on fixing up my youtube account and figuring out how to make my youtube tutorials even better! If you want to check out some youtube nail art tutorials i have already check it out here :)  YOUTUBE I’d also love if you would subscribe to my channel :)

Anyways with that said now on to the nails!

So this is a fan brush nail design. I have been meaning to try this fan brush nail design for a while but whenever i tried it out i could not get it to look right. But i finally did . So what you need for this design is the nail polishes of your choice i recommend atleast three nail polishes and a fan brush.


Fan Brush–>

So there are different types and thickness of fan brushes. I personally like ones that are not as thick i find them to work better and you get more polish on your nail But everyone has their own preference. I have a few different ones, I got some from the bornprettystore and as well in the art section of walmart. I think i like the ones from the bornprettystore the best so far.

Polishes used

Chole & Bella – White out

China Glaze – to yacht to handle

 Sally hansen- Pacific Blue

China Glaze – That’s Shore Bright

fan brush nails | alliesblog|china glaze

fan brush nails | alliesblog|china glaze


So there you have it my fan brush nail design! I hope you have a great day!