Black and blue or white and gold nails?

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So I’m sure most of you have seen the dilemma about whether the dress is black and blue or white and gold. There has been a lot of confusion and online debate  about what colour this dress actually is. The dress is proven to black and blue but it can be deceiving from the picture.  There is an actual science it to it and why people see certain colours others don’t, to check out why click here for the article.

So I thought  with all the talk about this dress I would do a nail design inspired by this dress!

So are my nails black and blue or white and gold? 

No trick here my nails are indeed black and blue!

For this nail design I did a marble on my nail using a pin.  This is a pretty easy nail design and gets a similar effect as water marble nails. Then added a glitter top coat on top using Chloe & Bella’s cornflower

Polishes used

Sinful Colours  – Endless Blue

 Chole & Bella – black out

Chloe & Bella – Corn flower 

what colour did you see? Black and Blue or White and Gold?