Avon NailWear Pro+ Nail polish

avon nail wear pro + nail polish | golden vision

So I recently bought some new nail polishes from Avon and wanted to share them with all of you!

The first nail Polish I got from avon is the nail wear pro + golden vision. I like this nail Polish, it is a nice shimmery yellow – gold. It is pretty opaque I did two coats of this nail Polish just to get complete coverage.  It is very shimmery in the light and almost looks sparkly. It goes on smoothly and has a pretty good brush. I like this nail Polish and would recommend it to others.

The new nail polish I got from Avon is Nailwear Pro+ nail polish – Watermelon. This is a very bright dark pink much like a watermelon colour. Hence the name of this polish :P . I did two coats of this nail polish to get complete coverage. It is very shiny even without a top coat and goes on very smoothly. I like how bright this nail polish and love the colour.

Overall, I like the Nailwear Pro + Nail polish line the nail polishes go on smoothly and are pretty shiny as well. They have lots of different colours and seems to be one of Avon’s top nail polishes. I would recommend this nail polishes to others. :) I hope you found this review helpful and check out the Avon site for different nail polishes. Have a great night! signature1