Jamberry Nails: 7 Day Chip Challenge!

jamberry nails

Hello Beauties,

So recently, I have been looking into jamberry Nails and thought i would try them out. If you don’t know what Jamberry nails are, i will tell you a little bit about them. They are a type of nail wrap you can buy online. There are lots of different design that you can buy, they come in a range of different sizes so you can find the size that is appropriate for you nails. They are similar to other nail wraps out there.Jamberry nails also have a  Jamberry style box now that you can get sent to you every month!  In a jamberry style box you get two sets of nail wraps and all of the things associated with putting the nail wraps on. It is $25 for the minimum box. I have found that alot of nail polish companies are coming out with Nail polish boxes which i think is pretty cool.

So back to the 7 Day chip challenge. I found Mya on instagram who was looking for people to do a 7 day chip challenge. I thought why not give it a try i have been meaning to try Jamberry nails for a while and i thought this would be a perfect way to test them out!

What is a 7 Day chip challenge you ask?

For the challenge you put two of the Jamberry Nail wraps on your nails and the rest you use regular polish and keep it on for 7 days . The point of this challenge is to see which lasts longer!

If you would like to check out her jamberry page click here –> jamberry nails 

So here are my Nails on Day 1 So i received Funky Cheetah  which is on my ring finger and Pricked Paisley  which is on my little finger


jamberry nails





I really love the Funky Cheetah, i love the colours in it! I have never tried these nail wraps before and i was interested to see how long they would last compared to the other nail wraps i have tried. Normally i don’t use nail wraps that often because i change my nail design very often. But i thought i would give these a try!

So for the other nails i used Sally Hansen’s Fushia Power  and add some diamond glitters i got from the born pretty store


So here are my nails after Day 7!

jamberry nails

jamberry nails

jamberry nails

As you can see the Jamberry nails did last longer then regular polish. The only thing is they started to peel at the tips of the nails. Which is pretty normal. Usually when i put nail wraps on i put a top coat on to seal them in so that way they don’t catch on anything and also last even longer! Overall, i am think that Jamberry nails are great. There are lots of different designs, and they last a long time. They are a little on the pricey side i find. They are $17  canadian per nail wrap set. You can get about 3-4 manicures or pedicures out of one set depending on what size your nails are. There are 18 wraps in total on one sheet. Jamberry also has a deal if you buy 3 you get one free. So works out pretty cheap in the end. If you are someone that loves having you nails done and don’t have time to get them done or do them yourself. It might be worth looking into Jamberry nails!

Well i hope you enjoyed today’s Post and found it informative and check out jamberry nails for your self! Have a great day!