What is Bloglovin’ you ask?

Hello Beauties,

You may have noticed on my blog that i have a widget that says add me on bloglovin’. A lot of you may not know what bloglovin’ is.So i will give you some information about it!

It is a great place to discover what’s popular in fashion, beauty, food and much,much more. It is a once place where all your favourite blogs come together! You can add the blogs you want to follow by making a profile. You then will get all of their new posts in one feed on bloglovin’. As well you can get emails sent to your inbox about your favourite blogs. It is a great way to find new interesting blogs or stay up to date with what is popular right now.

So if your like me and like to follow blogs and keep up to date it is a perfect way to do that!

So why not check it out!

Also it is free to sign up and if you also have a blog like i do you can add your blog to the site!

If you do decide to check it out follow my Profile ALLIEĀ and my blog ALLIE’S BLOG. I would love if you would follow my Profile and my Blog :)