Ciate Chalkboard Nails

ciate chalkboard nails||may 19 2014 |nails|nailart

Hey Friends,

So today i am going to review Ciate Chalkboard nails. I got this kit at Winners for $12.99 so much cheaper than Sephora or anywhere else. So this is what the box looks like.

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It comes with Two Paint Pots one Matte Black and one Matte top coat and four Chalkboard Markers.

I really liked this set it made me feel like a Kid doing my nails. It comes with a little booklet that shows you how to do it and also some designs that you can do. I went for a tribal nail art design when i did my nails.

ciate chalkboard nails||may 19 2014 |nails|nailartciate chalkboard nails||may 19 2014 |nails|nailartciate chalkboard nails||may 19 2014 |nails|nailart

One thing that i didn’t like about this kit is the markers are pretty thick so you can’t really do very detailed designs but you still can do alot of cool stuff with them. They also do really look like Chalkboards which i thought was really cool. I will definitley be trying out other fun nail art designs. One other thing to note is i found when first trying the markers one of the markers didn’t work at first and i had to continuely shaker the marker and press it to a hard surface a couple of times to get it to work. But it did eventually start to work so that is good.

Another cool thing about these markers is if you made a mistake you can just take some water and a cloth and just wipe it off and start again. Although if you don’t do it right away some of the colours like the white are harder to wipe off.

Overall, I really thought this was a fun Nail art Kit that Ciate made and i really liked trying it out! I hope that this was helpful!

Also check out my youtube video on how to do these nails! Thanks for tuning in!