Twirlin’ & Swirlin Easter egg Water Marble nails

china glaze|water marble|april 18 2014

Hello Friends,

So i was feeling like doing a Easter or Spring inspired mani today. I recently go the China Glaze Twirlin’ & Swirlin Water Marble nail Kit. It comes with 4 China Glaze nail polishes and a Orange stick and a little cup to do the water marble in. So i thought this was the perfect time to try it out. I do love water marble nails!

So the instructions say to either tape or use cuticle oil your fingers to keep the excess nail polish off.So since i have already tried tape i thought i’d try and see if cuticle oil works to keep of the nail polish on your fingers. For me i find that it didn’t really work maybe i didn’t put enough on my fingers but it kinda worked but i still think Vaseline works better in my opinion.

Alright, to get started i painted my Nails with China Glaze Snow. Then let that dry completely. After they are dry you can start the water marble. So first off fill your cup with Tepid water i find works best. Next, put Vaseline, tape or cuticle oil around you fingers. I usually put vaseline on all my fingers on my one hand then do the water marble and do the next hand. I put vaseline on the back of my fingers and half way down my finger.(Just because when you are dipping your finger in the water it can get all over your fingers.)

Next, is the water marble set up it’s self. You want to use nail polish that isn’t to thick as well no instant dry nail polishes they dry to quickly and you don’t get a chance to dip your finger in before it drys.

So you want to make a bulls eye when dropping in the different colours in. For my Mani i used in order China Glaze – Too Yacht to handle, China Glaze -That’s Shore Bright and China Glaze -Pink plumeria . Once you have made the bulls eye i usually drop each colour in twice. Take the orange stick and make any sort of pattern you like. Next dip your finger in and use the orange stick to move the nail polish away from your nail as you are pulling it out.

Then let it dry. It drys pretty quickly. Once it is dry use soap to wash off the Vaseline, it should wipe off pretty easily. Then after, I just added Wet n Wilds Kaleidoscope to add a little sparkle and added a top coat of Revlon’s Quick dry polish on top after.

I will make a youtube video soon on how to do Water Marble nails!

china glaze|water marble|april 18 2014

china glaze|water marble|april 18 2014

china glaze|water marble|april 18 2014

I hope you liked today’s Mani! It kinda reminds me of Easter egg that you dip in water and colour! I absoultely love these colours. I knew when i saw this set i had to buy it! Have a wonderful day and weekend! Happy Easter!