Blue flowers

Hey Friends,

so i thought i would change it up today, so no purple or glitter. Well maybe just a bit of glitter!So, I really wanted to use this royal blue nail polish that i have had for a while and i thought today would be the perfect day to do so.

So first off i painted four of my nails with Sally Hansen’s extreme wear in white on, then for my accent nail i used Color Club in royal blue. As well i used Color club in blue sparkle to add a bit to the design.

So for this nail design i used four different stamping plates. This is the salon express nail kit that includes these 5 plates. It is the one that was seen on the shopping channel but i actually purchased it at the dollarstore. So i used stamps from four of these plates.  I wanted to do all different flowers and these plates were perfect for this design. Salon-Express-Nail-Art-Stamping-Kit-CVS-2


So, i just stamped using the same two colours i used to paint my nails originally just reversed the colours. Then after the stamping was done i just used a small brush to add some glitter to the middles of some of the flowers. Then just added a top coat using Revlon’s quick dry in clear and you are all done!

Blue flowers

2013-11-13 14.09.582013-11-13 14.10.112013-11-13 14.07.00

This is such a different nail design than i am normal use to doing but i really like how it turned out. Also I really love how vibrant the blue is on these nails!

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