Rainbow foils

So today’s post features more foil nails! As i mentioned in my last post  Pink and purple Foils i got a set of 20 foils in the mail from ebay. So this week i have been trying them all out!

So for today i painted my nails with Essence color & go in black then for the foil i used two different ones that are ombre rainbow colours. I will be posting a video soon on how to do foil nails. To put the foil on you just dab dots of clear nail polish on where you would like to put the foil onto your nails. You want to leave the clear nail polish to dry a for a bit because you want it to be tacky so the foil will stick. There is also special foil glue that you can use as well. I just ordered some on ebay so i should be getting it soon hopefully!

Here are the two foils that i used. 2013-10-07 16.10.49

I ended up dividing the foil into the separate colours. I found it easier to apply to my nails since i wanted to use all of the colours.

Here are my Rainbow Foil Nails!

rainbow foil nails

rainbow foil nails

rainbow foil nails

I hope you all liked today’s nail design. I really like foil nail and i am looking forward to trying my other foils! Hope you all have a great night!