Pink and Purple Foils

Hey Friends,

So i got my foils i ordered from ebay this week and i am pretty excited to try them! I got a pack of 20 different foils.:) If you want to get your own foils you can check them out here –>Ebay Foil. I really like foil nails i did do a foil nail design in the 31 day Challenge inspired by a pattern and i think it turned out pretty cool.

So if you have never done foil nails before i have created a youtube video on how to do foil nails. But i will also explain it on here

pink foil nails pink foil nails

pink foil nails

These are the foils that i used to do this nails

2013-10-07 16.08.27

So for today’s nail design I first painted my nails with Essence color & go black  then i decide on Silver, purple, blue and pink  foil. To put the foil on you just dab dots of clear nail polish on where you would like to put the foil onto your nails. You want to leave the clear nail polish to dry a for a bit because you want it to be tacky so the foil will stick. There is also special foil glue that you can but which i think i am going to look into.

Then after you have finished putting on the foil you just add a clear coat to make it last!

I really like how this turned out. I always think foil nails turn out really cool and they are fairly easy to do! Well i hope you liked today nail design! Have a great day! and don’t forget to follow me on twitter and facebook :) Thanks