Gold Glitter Nails

Hey Everyone,

So today’s nail design is pretty simple but very pretty. First, I just painted my nails with Bizou’s 14 karat Gold then i let it dry.

Next, I dipped my whole nail in iridescent glitter that i just got at the dollar store. To put the glitter on i painted my nail with Bizou’s Clear nail polish then i dipped my nail in the glitter. After i did that i just used an old makeup brush to dust off the excess glitter. Then just added a top coat – Revlon’s Quick dry Clear. I really love Revlon’s quick dry polish it is a great top coat and makes your nails look really shiny. So far it is one of my favourite top coats.

Gold Glitter nails

gold glittergold glittergold glitter


I hope you all liked today’s Nail design. I think it almost looks like holographic nail polish. But it just just glitter that made it look that way.A pretty simple nail design but i really like the way they turned out. Some other glitter nails i have done are Aqua Leopard with a dash of glitter and Coral feathers with a dash of glitter. Well i hope you all have a great day! :)