#31DC2013 Day 6: Violet Ombre Nails

Hey Everyone,

So as promised i am posting much earlier today! I am going to try and keep this up. We will see how it goes. Now onto the 31 Day Challenge.I can’t believe we are already at day six already! For day six of the challenge we are suppose to do violet nails! Another one of my favourite colours to paint my nails. For this nail design i decided to do more than just violet nails. First i painted all my nails with Rimmel’s 60 second polish in mintilicous. Then i used Color Club in purple and i used Wet n Wild Megalast – Through the Grapevine to sponge on the stripes (just using a makeup sponge).You can just paint the stripes to without using a sponge. It all depends on what look you are going for. Using the sponge blends the colours together better i find. For this nail design I was trying to create an ombre effect. Then to topped it off I used Wet n Wild – Kaleidoscope. It just kinda blended all the colour together nicely. Then after my nails were dry i just hand drew the Leopard/Zebra print with Essence colour & go in Black.Then just add a top coat and you are all done!

#31DC2013 Violet Nails

#31DC2013 Violet Nails Day six Completed! I am really enjoying this challenge.It has definitely been a challenge finding time to do my nails with my busy schedule and coming up with new designs everyday! Now to find inspiration for tomorrows post. Check Back tomorrow to see what i come up with for Black and White Nails! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!