#31DC2013 : Day four Green Nails

Here we are again!

Okay, So now on to post two for today! I am really enjoying doing the 31 day Challenge. It is definitely challenging me come up with new design and use colours that i don’t often use. I guess that’s what makes it such a challenge! Alright so on to day four!

Day Four: Green Nails!

#31DC2013 Green nails

Okay so for this one i used Forever 21 Love & Beauty in Aqua as a base coat. Then I did a water marble just using Essence colour & go in Black. Then to top it off i used Wet n’ Wild Kaleidoscope. I like the way this look turned out. It looks like a jade stone almost.I think i will try something like this again later on just with different colours! I love doing water marble and how it always looks different every time you do it. Okay so there is day four completed! I am almost caught up to everyone! :) Hope you liked this nail design!