#31DC2013 Day 22: Inspired By a song.. Roar!

Hey Everyone,

So today’s 31 day challenge is inspired by a song.. so I had a bit of a hard time picking a song for this one. I finally decided on Katy Perry’s  song Roar. So for this one i went with a jungle and tiger theme.

So there is a lot going on here so i am just going to start off explain the tiger print nails. First i painted my thumb, middle and little finger with Sally Hansen’s Xtreme wear – White on. Then i used saran Wrap to put on Color Club- Orange and a Bit of Rock Candy’s -Crush on Gold. Next i sprinkled a Dark Orange and Bronze Glitter on my nails. Then after i used a nail marker in black to draw on the tiger stripes.

For  my index and ring finger i painted my nails  with Sally Hansen’s 10 day colour – Chocolate Dream. Next i used saran wrap to put on Rock Candy’s – Crush on Gold and Sally Hansen’s HD polish -Resolution. I did put each colour on separately. Next, I used Rock Candy’s Emerald’s Eve in a few places on my Nail. Then i sprinkled little green glitter on a few spot on my nails. Last after all of that was dry i used a nail marker in black to draw the leopard print. Then i just put a top coat on and you are all finished. :)

#31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a song.. ROAR

#31DC 2013 Inspried by a song


#31DC2013 Inspired by a song


#31DC2013 Inspired by a song


So there you have it. Finished day 22 of the 31 Day Challenge. This wasn’t exactly what i planned to do but still turned out pretty well. Hope you all like my nail design!Check by tomorrow to see what i come up with for Inspired by a Movie.