#31DC2013 Day 17: Purple Glitter Nails

Hey Everyone,

So i have had a pretty busy day so that’s why I am posting now. I am glad that today’s design was pretty easy. So today’s 31 day challenge is Glitter Nails! I love glitter except that it can be extremely messy. By  the time i was finished my nails i had glitter everywhere! haha Oh well least it looks pretty!

So first i painted my Nails with Revlon’s Nail Enamel in Charming. Then for the glitter i just used a light purple glitter that i got from a dollar store.  So to put on the glitter i first painted my nails with Color Club in Clear and then just dusted on the glitter. I then used an old Makeup Brush to dust of the excess glitter back into the container. Then just added a Top Coat with Color Club in Clear again.

#31DC2013 Purple Glitter Nails

#31DC2013: Glitter nails

The last to pictures i decided to take outside so you could see what the glitter looks like in natural light.

#31DC2013: Glitter nails


#31DC2013: Glitter nails


Well there you have it, I have completed Day 17 of the 31 Day Challenge. Check back tomorrow for Half Moon Nails! Have a wonderful night! :)