Aqua Leopard with a dash of glitter

Hey Everyone!

So i am excited to share my first Nail Design Post! For my first post  I am going to show you a turquoise leopard design i did. I really like the way this one turned out. I love the look of Aqua and purple together.

So for this one i used Forever 21’s Love & Beauty in Aqua and Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro in Wild Orchid. I first painted my nails with Aqua and then for my index finger and my ring finger i painted them half Aqua and half Wild Orchid. Then I dusted iridescent glitter on both my index and ringer finger.

To add glitter you just paint your nail with clear nail polish and then dip it into the glitter. Once i have dipped my nails in the glitter i just use an old makeup brush to dust of the excess glitter.The glitter i used is just normal craft glitter that i bought at the dollar store so pretty inexpensive but looks great and not that hard to take off your nails either. Then for the other nails i painted purple dots first and added a bit of glitter and then just hand drew the Leopard print. Then just finish it off with a clear coat and there you have it! I really like this Nail design and hope you guys do too.            


Turquoise Leopard with a dash of glitter

I hope you all Enjoyed my first nail design! Check back there is more nail designs to come!