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black and white nails | 31 day challenge | bornprettystore stamper | gradient stamping | #31dc2015
31 Day Challenge Nail Art

Black & White nails | 31 day challenge day 7 #31DC2015 | Review of bornprettystore stamper

This is going to be a quick post today. So the prompt form today is black and white nails for day 7 of the 31 day challenge . I have made a tutorial on how to do gradient stamping nails for the 31 day challenge day 7 black & white nails. Also a review on born pretty stores marshmellow stampers that i recently purchased at the bornprettystore. You can use my code ALLEX31 at to get 10% off!

Nail art products
Avon – Black Drama
Essence- White wild ways
Opi – SIiver canvas
Born pretty store stamping plate – BP 10 
Marsh mellow stamper 

Here are my black and white nails for day 7 of the 31 day challenge!

Check out my youtube tutorial and review! Subscribe to my youtube channel to see more nailart :)

Thanks for stopping by and tune in tomorrow for day 8 of the 31 day challenge!

31 day challenge | #31dc2015 | day 6 violet nails | violet leopard print | stamping nails
31 Day Challenge Nail Art

Violet Leopard nails for the 31 day challenge day 6

The prompt for today is violet nails for the 31 day challenge! I wasn’t sure what i wanted to do at first but i really like how it turned out. For this nail design i used bornprettystore stamping plate L009 which i have used in lots of my designs. It is a pretty good stamping plate because it has a bit of everything. So first i paint my nails with Violet voltage and then out a holographic coat of  bornprettystore #9 (light purple) . Then  i stamped my nails with black first and then after i stamped over them with the same stamping with purple perspective . I have never done double stamping before but i am really liking how these turned out.

Polishes used

Sally hansen – Violet Voltage

Born pretty store – holo polish #9

Avon -Black Drama

OPI Color paints – Purple perspective

what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by check back tomorrow for day 7 of the 31 day challenge #31dc2015!

31 day challenge | #31dc2015 | day 4 green nails | kiwi nails
31 Day Challenge Nail Art

Kiwi nails | Day 4 of the 31 day challenge green Nails #31DC2015

So today is day 4 of the 31 day challenge! So today’s prompt is green i usually can’t always think of a design i want to do for green nails but i have this year! So this year i thought i would do kiwi nails! I am very into the fruit nails apparently right now since yesterday i did pineapple nails. I even did a youtube tutorial for my pineapple nails. I am going to try and do as many tutorials as i can but not every day. I don’t think i can do a tutorial for every manicure i do for 31 days!

But today i have my kiwi nails I really like how they turned out :)


Polishes used

Sally hansen I <3 nail art – lime green

Essence – Wild White ways

 Avon –  Black Drama

31 day challenge | #31dc2015 | day 4 green nails | kiwi nails 31 day challenge | #31dc2015 | day 4 green nails | kiwi nails 31 day challenge | #31dc2015 | day 4 green nails | kiwi nails

What do you think of fruit nails?

Hope you like day 4 of the 31 day challenge Kiwi nails!

31 day challenge day 3 yellow nails | pineapplenails | pineapple nails tutorial
31 Day Challenge Nail Art Tutorials

Day 3 Yellow nails for the 31 day challenge #31DC2015

So a little late posting today but i had a pretty busy day but i wanted to make sure i posted my yellow nails for the 31 day challenge! So this will be a quick post since it is getting later in the day.

SO i decide that i wanted to do pineapple nails for the 31 day challenge. I have been wanting to do pineapple nails before because i have seen people doing them and i thought they looked cute. I think that i will probably try doing pineapple nails again but in a different way. So Enough rambling on to the nails!


SO here are my pineapple nails for day 3 of the 31 day challenge

31 day challenge day 3 yellow nails | pineapplenails | pineapple nails tutorial


I even managed to get time to do a youtube tutorial for this manicure :) Check it out and stop by my channel for more nail art tutorials!

Thanks for stopping by Check back tomorrow for day 4 of the 31 day challenge!

31 Day Challenge Nail Art

31 Day Challenge Day 1 and Day 2! #31dc2015

So a little about the 31 day challenge just in case you have never heard about it! Also check out my last post to see past 31 day challenges i did :) Click here 31dc

Frequently asked Questions

What is the 31 Day challenge?

The 31 day challenge is 31 days of nail art challenges.Participates of the nail art challenge create nail art designs according to 3 different themes Colours, Styles and Inspired by. The challenge is to post one nail design each day for 31 days!

What if i don’t have a blog can i still participate in the challenge?

Of course! You don’t need to have a blog to do the challenge. You can post your nail art on twitter, instagram, facebook, google + or any other social media. Or if you just want to do the challenge on your own and not post that is cool too! If you do decide to post on social media use hashtag #31DC2015 so everyone can see your nail designs

When does the 31 Day challenge start? 

I will be starting this challenge on September 1st like many other bloggers.

What do you do for a tutorial design?

For this day you don’t have to make your own tutorial,not unless you would like to. But you actually find a tutorial of a nail design you like and do the nails following the tutorial. Don’t forget to mention which tutorial you followed to do your nails!

What does honor nails you <3 mean?

This day is to honor any nails you love may have seen that you loved or any nail art artist that you loved

Does the 31 Day challenge have to be done in September?

No, it does not. A lot of people do the nail art challenge in September. But if you don’t have time to do it in September you can always do it in another month. Still use the hashtag #31DC2014 so people can see your nail art.

Can the 31 day challenge be done at a slower pace?

Of course, If you don’t have time to do a new nail design every day. You can always space it out. However, to me completing the challenge in the 31 days is all part of the challenge. You can decide what you would like to do. Just have fun with it!

Other information

This challenge is all about having fun with nail art and challenging yourself to try new nail designs. It is a way to get better at nail art and try different designs that you may have never tried before otherwise. It is a way to connect with other nail artist and see what they are doing.Use the hashtag to check out everyone’s nail designs!  So join in and just have fun with it!

Hope this was helpful! And you too decide to join in on the 31 day challenge 2015 :)

So i am a little late with posting my red nails for the first day of the 31 day challenge but if you are following me on Instagram and twitter you will see i did post them yesterday! So i am not behind haha So for this nail design i just did a hand painted print. I actually like how this nail design turned out. Normally i am not a fan of red nails because they never seem to work out or the end up smearing. But these worked out and  i really like them!

Polishes used

Joe fresh – Cherry

Rimmel 60 sec – white hot love

Avon nail art – black drama

Chloe and bella – Brown Pansy

Next, it today’s orange nails for the 31 day challenge! I really like how these turned out :) I hand painted the sunshine on my nails. This is a pretty simple design but i really like it and it is definitely orange!

Polishes used

Love & Beauty by forever 21 – Neon coral

Avon Gel Finish – Orange Crush

Essence the gel nail polish – wild white ways

I hope you liked today’s nail designs for the 31 Day challenge!

31 Day Challenge Nail Art

The 31 day nail art challenge is on again! #31dc2015

So if you have been following my blog since at least since last september or longer! First off i would like to say i really appreciate all of your support and am happy that people do enjoy seeing the different nail designs i come up with here on my blog and other social media. I hope that you will continue to follow along on my blog and see what future nail designs i come up with.

Second, if you are a long time follower you will know about he 31 day nail art challenge! This will be my third year participating in the 31 day nail art challenge. If you have no idea what i am talking about i will tell you!

Basically it is a nail art challenge that lasts for 31 day and you do/post a new nail design everyday on your social media pages which can be instagram,facebook,twitter , google + etc whatever you have. You do not have to have a blog to join in on the challenge just some sort of social media. If you have them all then great post away! So when posting use the hashtag #31dc2015 so that others to can see your nail art designs. It is a way to both challenge your nail art skills and share your nail art with others.

SO when doing the nail art challenge you follow a list of different prompts to do for that day! Here is the 31 day challenge list. Feel free to use this list and post on your own social media as well

PicMonkey Collage.jpgLIST

So i have complied my 2013 and 2014 31 day nail art challenges in to a youtube video so you can see some of the design i have done in the past :)

You do not have to do all of the nail art prompts if you don’t want to / have time to. I am not sure if i will get the chance to do all 31 but i am going to try! :)

I think it is a lot of fun to do the 31 day nail art challenge and it challenges you to try different nail desigsn you may never have tried before. I hope you to join in the 31 day challenge too!

So if you have an questions about the 31 day nail art challenge feel free to ask  just leave a comment done below :)


Nail Art Tutorials

Catch up on Nail art and youtube tutorials!

Hello everyone,

so i have been kinda slacking in the blogging world i apologize for this. I haven’t been completely absent because i have been working on my youtube channel alot more lately. SO if you are following my on youtube you will see that i have been doing some nail art there. I have really been enjoying doing nail art tutorials on youtube and sharing them with all of you. SO to catch you here is what i have been doing lately!

So first is my Safari nails. I really like how these turned out i did reverse stamping for this nail design. I am trying to do different things to improve my nail art even more!

Safari nails! There's even a YouTube tutorial on my channel! Check it out :) in my bio  #fashionfriday #nailpolishswatches #ilovenailPolish #iwanttoswatchforyou #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #nails4yummies #nailpolish #notd #nailartchallenge #safarinails #stampingplates #stampingnails @bornprettystore #nailartproducts #nailpolish #indiepolish #nailartblogger
Safari nails! There’s even a YouTube tutorial on my channel! Check it out :) in my bio #fashionfriday #nailpolishswatches #ilovenailPolish #iwanttoswatchforyou #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #nails4yummies #nailpolish #notd #nailartchallenge #safarinails #stampingplates #stampingnails @bornprettystore #nailartproducts #nailpolish #indiepolish #nailartblogger


Next i have my rainbow polka nails using vinyls i got from the bornrprettystore! If you decide to check out the use my code allex31 to get 10% off!

rainbow polka dot nails using bornprettystore vinyls


Nail Art Reviews Tutorials

First nail art Haul from the Bornprettystore

So today’s post is going to be a little different. I thought i would share some of the of the items i bought from the bornprettystore a few weeks ago. I am really happy with the things i got from the bornprettystore like i usually am. They have alot of great stuff on their website and not just nail art stuff. So if you do decide to check it don’t forget to use my 10% off code ALLEX31 .

SO on to the new nail art products i received :) So first we will start off with what i got from the seckill deals. If you don’t know what the seckill deals are is basically the bornprettystore does these crazy sales that you can get up to 3 different items at a set time during the day for 1 cent each! The usually do two times during the day and you can get those certain items for 1 cent. I love when these deals happen because who doesn’t love buying something for 1 cent!

SO the first thing i got was Water decals 10 different sheets  i’m pretty excited about these i love water decals and i got a lot of them for very cheap. They are normally 9.99 which still isn’t to bad you would get each sheet for about 1.00



Next i got L009 stamping plate which i have used already to do my distressed nails . I liked this stamping plate it is a rectangle and has lots of different stamps on it. BP L009



Last thing i got from the seckill deals was a 200pc punk metal Square Star Drop Mix Stud Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration w/box. It has all different stud that you can put on your nails from square to stars to circles to diamonds. I really like this set and i am excited to use it.

So that’s the last of what i got for the seckill deals next is some other stuff i picked up at the bornprettystore :)


Next i got some nail stencil vinyls. I have been wanting to try out vinyls for a while so i thought why not pick these ones up!  got nail vinyls  Ns 08 I accidentally got the wrong ones but i still really like this design and i am excited to try them out!

Next, i got a new stamper since i have seemed to miss placed mine i have the scraper but not the stamper so i got a new one! I really like this rectangle stamper because it is bigger and is easier to stamp with i find . There are two colors for this stamper i got the stamper in green!

Next, i got the White Peel Off Liquid Tape & Peel Off Base Coat Nail Art Liquid Palisade. I really like this liquid palisade so far i have seen alot of different ones but i found them quite expensive i got this one for 3.99 and it is a pretty big bottle so i am pretty happy with this purchase


Check out my 1st nail haul video on youtube to see all these products :) also give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and subscribe to see more videos

Thanks for watching!


I hope you liked this post and check out the too :)




Nail Art Tutorials

Nautical Nail tutorial Using Bornprettystore stamping plates

I have  new nail design for you today. I have been seeing nautical nails around on instagram and pinterest for a while now and have been meaning to try this design out. So today is the day that i thought why not do some nautical nails. It is summer after all and the nautical theme is summery in my opinion. So i also thought why not do a tutorial on how to do easy nautical nails! For this nail design i am  using stamping plates from the bornpretty store and striping tape. If you would like to get these stamping plates from the bornprettystore use my code ALLEX31 for 10% at the

So i wanted to do some sort of blue and either a coral or a pink for these nautical nail design. So check out when i ending up choosing for this nail design :)

Things you will need for this nail art design

Born pretty store stamping plate – Bp L009 
Born pretty store stamping plate – BP 10 
Rimmel – Bestival Blue
L’Oreal – Orange you jealous?
Rimmel 60 Sec – white hot love
Striping tape

Check out the tutorial on youtube to see how to create these nails :) Give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and subscribe!

I hope you liked today nautical nail design! And try out your own Nautical nails if you do use the hashtag #alliesblog on instagram or twitter if you would like to share with me :)

nautical nail art tutorial using born pretty store stamping plates


What do you think? Feel free to leave comments on any of my social media :)

Thanks for stopping by!


opi color paints | dry brush nails | nail art tutorial | youtube
Nail Art Tutorials

Dry Brush nails Using OPI Color Paints

So i saw these nail polishes a little while ago and have been wanting to get them for a while now. I was in winners the other day and there they were! The OPI Color paints mini set was even on sale :) . I wanted to get them because they looked really color and there are so many possibilities you can do with them. I thought i would first try out an easier nail design to try them out and then i am thinking of doing something else with them as well.


Nail art products used in this tutorial

Opi Color paints –

Silver canvas undercoat , Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink , Purple Perspective , Turquoise Aesthetic
Orly – Prisma Silver gloss
Revlon – Quick dry Base coat and top coat

So i have included a tutorial on how to do dry brush nails using OPI Mini color paints nail polish set. This nail design is much like the distressed nails i did in my last tutorial. I hope you enjoy this video and give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

opi color paints | dry brush nails | nail art tutorial | youtube


Please subscribe and give this video a thumbs up! :)



I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on Dry brush nails using OPI’s color paints and you to are going to try out these dry brush nails.

Thanks for stopping by!