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Nail Art

#31DC2013 Day 20: Water Marble

Hey Everyone,

So i hope you are all having a great Friday so far! So today’s 31 Day challenge is Water Marble. We are already at the end of the Pattern Portion of the 31 day challenge. This challenge see to be going by so fast! Okay , so onto today’s Nail design. For this water marble i decided to do a dry water marble instead of the tradition water marble were you actually use water haha. I find this one is a lot easy and also not as messy but turns out just as awesome as a regular water marble.

So if you don’t no what a dry water marble is basically you take a plastic sheet or a plastic bag and create your design on it. I just used the plastic covers you put in your binder or over papers. Then for the design i just started painting lines in the three colours i used. So for this water Marble i used Sally Hansen’s Xtreme wear – Coral Reef, Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear – White on and Nicoles – The Next ceo.Then after you are done painting the lines you just kinda marble is all together. I used a dotting tool to do this but you can use a tooth pick or anything else you can think of that would work to marble it together.

So here’s is what the dry marble looks like:#31DC2013 Water MarbleThen you just leave it to dry for a while. I usually leave it overnight just to make sure it’s dry. Once it is dry you carefully peel off the polish is strips that will fit your nail. Then to put it on i just painted clear on my nail and then you just press on the water marble and then just use a tooth pick to get rid of the excess nail polish. After you have finished all of your nails just paint another clear coat over top of the water marble.

#31DC2013 Dry Water Marble.#31DC2013 Water Marble#31DC2013 Water Marble#31DC2013 Water MarbleWell there you have it,Completed the patterns! I hope you liked my Dry water Marble. I really like doing water marbles they always look awesome and are always different every time you do them! Have a wonderful day! Check back tomorrow for the next nail design!