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opi color paints | dry brush nails | nail art tutorial | youtube
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Dry Brush nails Using OPI Color Paints

So i saw these nail polishes a little while ago and have been wanting to get them for a while now. I was in winners the other day and there they were! The OPI Color paints mini set was even on sale :) . I wanted to get them because they looked really color and there are so many possibilities you can do with them. I thought i would first try out an easier nail design to try them out and then i am thinking of doing something else with them as well.


Nail art products used in this tutorial

Opi Color paints –

Silver canvas undercoat , Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink , Purple Perspective , Turquoise Aesthetic
Orly – Prisma Silver gloss
Revlon – Quick dry Base coat and top coat

So i have included a tutorial on how to do dry brush nails using OPI Mini color paints nail polish set. This nail design is much like the distressed nails i did in my last tutorial. I hope you enjoy this video and give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

opi color paints | dry brush nails | nail art tutorial | youtube


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I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on Dry brush nails using OPI’s color paints and you to are going to try out these dry brush nails.

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