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Zoya Nail polishes

so a while back i mentioned that Zoya was offering a promotion that you only had to pay the shipping and you got three mystery polishes. So i already shared with you the mystery polishes now i am going to share the three full sized Zoya nail polishes i got. I got three zoya nail polishes Arlo, Carter and Aurora

Arlo Pixie dust is a glittery violet amethyst, matte , ultra textured holographic nail polish. It is filled lots of holographic glitters. This polish is more on the opaque side i did two coats of this polish to get complete coverage. The best way to apply this Pixie dust polish is to dab it on since it is packed with glitter. This nail polish is a cool amethyst pink colour .Overall, i really like this polish i like how it is textured and super glittery!


Carter Pixie Dust  nail polish by zoya is a royal purple polish with magenta sparkles. This Zoya nail polish is matte with a textured finish. It is a Pixie dust polish that is a cool tone. This polish is pretty opaque i did two coats to get complete coverage. Overall, i really like the texture of this polish and i love the royal purple colour.


Aurora by zoya is a full coverage medium sugarplum purple polish. It has lots of micro fine diamond holographic glitters. This polish is mixed between a pink and purple polish. This polish is cool in tone and is very opaque. I did two coats just because i wanted complete coverage but you could get away with one. Overall, i really like this polish i love the holographic glitters that turn into a plum purple.


Overall, I really like Zoya nail polishes they are all really good quality and worth it to buy. I have been meaning to try Zoya nail polishes for a while and i am glad that i finally got the chance too! :) I Hope you found this review helpful! Have a great day!