#nailartforbeginners Thursday! Let’s Talk about Nail Art Stamping

It’s Nail art for beginners Thursday! I thought I would do a two part video session on Nail art stampers and stamping. In these videos I will talk about about different types of stampers out there and the ones that I recommend. I also discuss different scrapers and which ones are best to use when stamping. I hope that this first video helps you to figure out what stampers you might like to try out when first starting out with nail art stamping. I know when i first started getting into nail art I was not sure which stampers I should buy or which ones I would like. So I just tried out some different ones until I found what works and what i liked.

Let’s Talk about Nail Art Stampers

In this video I talk about different types of stamping plates and show you some of the stamping plates I own. As well i show you some tips on how to clean your stampers and clean up about stamping on your nails as well. I also show you how to stretch a stamp to make it big to fit longer nails or just for those smaller stamps. Check out the video to see these nail art tips :)

Let’s Talk About Nail Stamping

As always if you have something you would like me to do a video on feel free to comment on here or on the youtube video and i will do a video for you!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you found these videos helpful :) Tune in next thursday for another session of #nailartforbeginners thursday!