Fox christmas nail art | manicure monday | 2015 holiday nail art contest

SO today i have a new Christmas nail design which i will be entering in Nail polish canada’s holiday nail art contest. I would really appreciate if you would vote for me and i really hope you like my nail design.  Here is the link!

just scroll to the bottom and it will have a box which you state your Name, Email and which blog you will vote for (

I’d really appreciate your vote and thanks for voting for me if you do :)

Since it is Manicure monday again that means that I also did a nail art tutorial on my youtube channel on how to do these nails! So check that out. I handpainted this nails using acrylic paints that i got at the dollar store. I think that these nails turned out really cute.

I have been trying to think of something different to do for my Christmas nail design and I think that is turned out really well.




So here is the tutorial on how to do these nails!

Thanks for stopping by! <3