So a little late posting today but i had a pretty busy day but i wanted to make sure i posted my yellow nails for the 31 day challenge! So this will be a quick post since it is getting later in the day.

SO i decide that i wanted to do pineapple nails for the 31 day challenge. I have been wanting to do pineapple nails before because i have seen people doing them and i thought they looked cute. I think that i will probably try doing pineapple nails again but in a different way. So Enough rambling on to the nails!


SO here are my pineapple nails for day 3 of the 31 day challenge

31 day challenge day 3 yellow nails | pineapplenails | pineapple nails tutorial


I even managed to get time to do a youtube tutorial for this manicure :) Check it out and stop by my channel for more nail art tutorials!

Thanks for stopping by Check back tomorrow for day 4 of the 31 day challenge!