Hello friends,

So i have a review and a tutorial for you today. I received a silicone nail art stamp as my gift in one of my orders from the born pretty store. At first i was very confused because i did not remember ordering it because i forgot about the gift promotion they were offering a while back. So anyways i received this and a few other things. I thought that i would do a tutorial on it because it is a different form of stamping that i have never really heard of before.

So check out the youtube video to learn how to use this Silicone nail art stamper!

Nail Art Stamp Silicone Printing Template |bornprettystore


Nail Art Stamp Silicone Printing Template |bornprettystore

Nail Art Stamp Silicone Printing Template |bornprettystore

So i received A20 in my order there are a few different ones as you can see. When i first got this stamper i will admit i had no idea how to use it. Then i figured out a few different ways. I tried using a scraper from my nail stamper that didn’t work so well. Then i tried the method i used in the video. It does seem to work pretty well doing it that way.

I am kind of on the fence with this stamper it might because of the actual designs on it i don’t see my self using to much. But i think it is still a neat idea to the alternative stamping method. It also is a lot less mess than the regular stamping method. Overall, I think it is an interesting idea and i think that i will probably use it in future nail designs.I hope that you found this review helpful and informative!

If you do decide to check out the bornprettystore which i recommend they have alot of great stuff on their use my code ALLEX31 for 10% off!

Have a great day!