Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange

2014 Zoya Earth day nail polish exchange



Hey Friends,

Did you know that nail polish is considered a hazardous material? That you shouldn’t just throw in the trash

If you don’t know how to properly expose of unwanted or old nail polish let Zoya do it for you! AS well by sending in your unwanted nail polish you can receive new nail polishes!

2014 Zoya Earth day nail polish exchange

Zoya is launching their Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange  from April 21- 28 What you get: 6-24 bottles of Zoya nail polish at 50% off (new Summer collections are excluded). What Zoya does: Dispose of the unwanted polish you ship them.

For full details on how this exchange works vist the Zoya Blog

I think this is a great idea and i am definitely going to look into it myself. I have always wanted to get myself so Zoya nail polish because they have so many nice nail polishes and this is a perfect opportunity to get some and you get it 50% as well you are helping the earth. I hope that you all check this out!