Hey Friends,

So for this post i am reviewing the Revlon Wild Flowers 3d nail stickers in Psychedelic. I have tried these nail stickers before and i found that they are one of the better nail wraps i have tried they stay on for a long time and are really pretty. They also include one of the better nail sticker applicators than some of the other nail wraps i have tried.

I usually don’t use nail wraps because i like to change my nail style very often but i actually kept these on for a couple of days and they did not peel of or get wrecked even without a top coat. So i recommend these stickers they are pretty good. I usually can do my nails twice with these stickers so i think it is pretty good. I do like a lot of the design that Revlon has made for the Wild Flower nail stickers. I have purchased three different ones. They are all very pretty and unique.  2014-02-27-11.33   2014-02-27-11 2014-02-27-11.33l

What do you think? Which nail stickers are you favorites?