NCLA nail wraps review!

ncla Nail wraps March 19 2014

Hey Friends,

So i have some pretty exciting news emailed me and asked if i would like to try their ncLA nail wraps! I got to select two nail wraps i chose Fresh squeezed and Mod cherry.ncla Nail wraps March 19 2014

A little bit about the nail wraps there are 26 stickers  that come in all different sizes and comes with a nail file to help apply the nail wraps. They are $16.00 Canadian on Nailpolishcanada which isn’t to bad for how many nail wraps you actually get. I can do my nails at least twice with the amount i got and still have some left over to use later in other nail designs.

Here is what the nail wraps look like:ncla nail wraps fresh squeezed march 19 2014

ncla nail wraps modd cherry march 19 2014

Something different I found about these nail wraps was in the instructions it tells you to paint a clear coat of nail polish before you put the nail wraps on. All of the other nail wraps I have ever tried always say to have a clean nail free of polish. So since I had two sets of nail wraps I decided to follow the instructions and do a clear coat before I put the nail wrap on and the other one I didn’t put a clear coat. I found that they lasted just as long with and without the clear coat. It is your own preference if you want to use a clear coat before or not.

Overall, I like these nail wraps they stay on for a long time. I only kept them on for like 5 days but they were still in perfect condition. I could have kept them on longer but i have a tendency to change my nails alot :p .I like these nail wraps and i would recommend them to others. I love all the different designs they have and will probably be getting another one to try because I saw one that caught my eye. I hope this review helped and you are going to try out the ncLA Designer Nail Wraps for yourself!

If you want to check out other design’s they have just click on NcLA nail wraps!

ncLA designer nail wraps –Fresh Squeezed 

ncla-fresh-squeezed-nail-wraps- march 19 2014ncla-fresh-squeezed-nail-wraps- march 19 2014

ncLa Designer Nail wraps – Mod Cherry ncla nail wraps mod cherry - march 19 2014

ncla nail wraps mod cherry - march 19 2014

ncla-nail-wraps- march 19 2014