Can you see them Glow?!

So this nail design features a but of different things. I wanted to use the new nail polish i got from the Born Pretty Store. I got two glow in the dark nail polishes a while ago. I wanted to use them for halloween but i didn’t get them in time. So i am using them now. So first off i did two coats of BK #6 Mint (Glow in the dark Polish) Then I used Wet n’ Wild Wild shine in Blue moon to do the stamping. Then after that i topped it off with Avon’s Opal top coat. I really love the flaky Nail polish it always looks so Pretty! I did have a china glaze one but it dried up :(. Anyways after that i just topped it off with Revlon’s Quick dry topcoat.

So here is a picture of what the nail’s look like in the dark! It was kinda difficult to take this picture because it wouldn’t show up on my camera. But i managed to make it work!2013-11-23 01.47.05Then here are the nails in daylight2013-11-23 18.15.282013-11-23 17.46.252013-11-23 18.15.36Well i hope you liked this nail design. I really love that they are glow in the dark! As well it would be awesome if you would follow me on Twitter and Facebook! Anyways i hope you all have a great day! :)