#31DC2013 Day 15 Delicate Floral print

Hey Everyone,

So i did this nail design a while ago but thought this was perfect for today’s challenge. So today the challenge was delicate print. So i thought this design fit pretty well.

So here is the 31 Day Challenge picture again. Already half way through the pattern’s already! 31 DAY CHALLENGE

So first i did a base coat with Duri’s Celebrate the Sunset. Then after it was dry i painted my nails with Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength in Diamonds. After that dried i stamped my nails using my Kandnail stamper. I used Cover Girls Outlast Polish In Toasted Almond . Then i filled in the dots of the stamp with Claire’s polish in 14 Karats. Then I just used Rimmel’s Base Coat/ Top Coat Pro  for my top coat.

So here is Duri’s Polish With the Sally Hansen’s Diamond over top

pink nails


#31DC2013 Delicate Floral Print


#31DC2013 Delicate nails


#31DC2013 Delicate nails


Sorry, about the pictures they are not the best.I did these a while ago and didn’t check if the pictures were good or not.But you still get the idea of what the design looks like.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Check back tomorrow for day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge!