Coral Feathers with a Touch of Glitter

Hey Everyone!

So for this post i am going to share with you  feather nails! I love feather nails and they are pretty easy to do. And yes they are actual feathers. So i got these feathers at Michael’s (craft store) only because i was looking for a certain type of feather. These feathers are polka dots and the other ones are just regular feather design. You can use any feather design, just depends what look you want.

Okay, so moving on to the nails. So for this one i painted my nails Sally Hansen’s Xtreme wear in Coral reef. Such a pretty colour! Then for the ring finger i just used a copper and brown glitter.For the glitter you just paint your nail with clear nail polish and then just off the excess glitter. I usually use an old make brush to dust off the glitter.

post 2

To put the feathers on you first cut them to fit your nail as close as possible. I usually leave them longer than my nail so that i can trim it off after.Then you paint your nails with clear nail polish and then stick them on. After they have dried for a bit just use a nail file to trim of the edges on the top of your nail. Make sure you do a couple of coats of clear to make your nails last!

I Will be posting a youtube video on how you do the feathers nails. So check back for that!

I hope you all like the feather nails as much as i do! Check back for more nail art designs!